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NLAG Shipment Logistic

Software Design

NLAG is a logistic software inside the Calponia Platform. Its creation came from the demand of a more efficient shipping experience of vehicles and equipment for the automotive industry. The digital service reduces the shipment process of employee's from 45-60 min to moreover 20 min.




Problem Statement

Optimize the shipment experience inside the company. The information required to complete the shipment form any equipment or vehicle is decentralized throughout the company. Therefore, the goal to identify and understand the pain points and needs of employee's that use the shipment process during projects.

Research approach



The project followed four steps of the Double Diamond methodology.


To comprehend the schedule of the project, critical methods of user research. Firstly, user interviews through different departments that often ships goods from Bosch to other companies. Then, the process organizes the gathered information into insights. The data is processed into crucial top findings that will guide the ideation process.


Subsequently, the user flow method lays down all possible interactions of the digitalization of the logistic processes. Lastly, the ideation and iteration begins, but still guiding user interviews to provide feedback on the idea’s current state.

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