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The idea relies on a personalized medical service that aims to empower Parkinson patients by giving control and information on their conditions, choices, and treatment. Personalized care refers to a healthcare mindset where patients have power in the procedure of their care. According to NHS, “this happens within a system that supports people to stay well for longer and makes the most of the expertise, capacity, and potential of people, families, and communities in delivering better health and wellbeing outcomes and experiences.”




Problem Statement

The proposed personalized service through data gathering allows connecting patients with their family members and doctor, providing an overall picture of the disease progress and a glimpse into future needs. The result is a holistic solution where the users can be empowered by data and connect themselves with doctors and family members.




The research approach uses the Double Diamond Model as a methodological structure for this thesis. The model follows consecutive stages: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver.

Service Ideation

The personas and user journey map method consists in representing in a textual and visual way the steps that the consumer or user has when engaging in the service. In order to do that, the service steps are defined, and a timeline is drawn. Touchpoints represent the user's interactions as the service and its stakeholders. Through this tool, it is possible to understand users' experiences, needs, and frustrations during the storytelling of the journey.

Tools for Service Visualization

​​​​​​​The stakeholder map is a visual way to represent the all the parties involved in the ecosystem. It is an important method to identify the stakeholders involved in service development, their expectations, and how they relate to one another. Every stakeholder involved care and act on behalf of the patient. However, to some extent, some stakeholders have more power in decision making. The System map method consists of representing a synthesis of the actors involved in the operation of a system. Wherewith different actors create connections and interact amidst one another.


User Journey

System Map

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